Big Brother Spoilers Below!

I’ve joked in the past about being a bad mom, a bad friend, maybe even a bad wife. Tonight, I come to you humbly to admit, with no reservation or joking, that I am truly a bad, bad person: I LOVE BIG BROTHER! Kevin’s all sad and thinks it is a train-wreck of a show because the people are mean, dumb, and selfish. I, however, think it is entertainment gold because the people are mean, dumb, and selfish. I haven’t intentionally watched Big Brother since the first or second season, but this season just grabbed me from the start (I was in the room when Kevin watched the premiere).\
Amber asking, “What’s integrity [etc] mean?” Priceless.\
Amber crying while saying that she was done crying. Priceless.\
Amber adamantly saying that she wasn’t going to agree with anything Danielle offered and then volunteering to give away ALL of her power to Danielle? Priceless.\
And just so you don’t think it is all about Amber, Zack cock-blocking Eric was so awesome! Add in Eric’s squeaking and it becomes… Priceless.\
I don’t like any of these people, so watching them go at it is entertaining as hell. However, I feel like an attendee at one of Michael Vick’s parties. I need a shower.\
My one non-bitchy thought: I am naively hopeful that Amber or Danielle will win something during their surprise trip. It won’t happen, but the thought makes me squeee. Really.\
Also, I don’t mind Amber’s focus on God, but I wish someone could give her some kind, but faithful, perspective. I am sick of the sentiments like this one from TWoP: “…perhaps the lord has been remiss in his duties in Iraq because he has been planning this big event for Amber.” I laughed, cuz yes, I am a bad person. But really, maybe God is blessing Amber by not winning. Seriously. Or maybe God gave her a vision (I am just going to accept that she believes it) so that she would have the confidence to win 2nd place and get to go on a neat trip and/or to get off of the block.\
CBS has been editing the hell out of the show- not showing Dick’s misogynistic attacks on the women, Amber’s anti-Jewish rant. But whatever, I am enjoying the show. Like I said, I am a bad bad person.

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