This is me!

Just substitute chocolate for the wine: Come home, Daddy!\
I can handle the kids the first 90% of the time Kevin is gone. Once that anticipation of Kevin coming home hits me, I am done for. If he is just at work, then I start to lose it around 4 pm. If he is gone on a three-day business trip, I lose it about half way through the third day. If he is gone for three weeks, I am fine for 18 days in a row- IN A ROW!!- until I sense that he will soon be home. It’s weird to me that I can be fine for 18 days in a row but can’t always handle a whole regular work day. I guess it is because I know I have to handle it when he is away on business.

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  1. I am exactly the same way. If Tom is late, I have various types of break downs for no apparent reason at all. He goes out of the country pretty often, so when calls get sparse I go into “husband, what husband?” mode and get Chinese takeout and go wander around the mall. I want to know your coping mechanisms- having a traveling man is HARD!

  2. Becky,
    I don’t really have coping mechanisms. I just go with the flow. Sometimes I take the kids out to a really early dinner and then we’ll watch a movie until bedtime.
    The first couple of times, I had all of the laundry, cleaning, and cooking done before Kevin left, so it was like a mini-vacation for me. The boys and I just goofed off and I worked on projects after they went to bed. It’s hard to be that organized though!

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