What to do? What to do?

Kevin is home today and tomorrow- yay- to continue to get the house ready for the renovation. (We need to move some stuff, paint some stuff, find some stuff, and call some people.) The kids were being extra loud this morning and Kev woke up, ready to start the day around 7. A M. In the morning. Like, right after the sun got up. Even when I wake up at 5 am with Brian, I am not ready to start the day until at least 8:30 am. Don’t even bother getting me to try. Now it’s 7:48 am, Kev and Brian are downstairs playing and I am trying to decide if going back to bed is the right thing to do. I am not particularly tired. But, I DON’T START THE DAY UNTIL 8:30 am. Except for when I do, because honestly, sometimes I do.

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