Random Update

Even though I keep killing off our fish and another one looks to have one fin in the toilet, I tried to get Kevin to buy a bigger fish tank this weekend. He said no. No! To me. His loving and devoted wife. Boo. The tank we have now is angled in the front, like a bay window, and I don’t like that. I found a tank that has a curved front and back, so the bird’s eye view is a marquis. It’s cool, with no angles getting in the way of enjoying the view. Pretty soon though it looks like there may not be any fish to enjoy. We bought a “Fish for Dummies” book. Now one of us just has to read it. Kevin said that maybe in six months we can upgrade to a bigger tank. Isn’t he a meanie?\
Kevin and I have cut some items from the house fix up projects. Say goodbye to the enlarged linen closet and the deck. Boo. This will lower the cost by 1/3, which makes us breathe and sleep easier though. This depends on whether the contractor can put in the patio but still have it so we can add a deck later. We may have to switch to a different type of patio for this to work. I am frustrated with how long this is taking. Bleh.

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