When Silly Becomes a Series

I wrote this silly ficlet about how the lolcats take over the world, and it’s turned into a series! There are nine parts total. A lovely ficleteer in Australia and I have been trading parts. He took the original bit of silliness and basically turned it into The League of Extraordinary Librarians. There’s adventure, romance, violence and silliness (lots and lots of it, bordering on absurdity). A couple of the characters are (very) loosely based on real people. See if you can spot yourself (Howard, don’t freak out, the Howard in the story isn’t based on you).

I’d love to see some more branches off the original to see where people take it. It could be Kittehpendence Day where the last dregs of literate humanity fight back, or Dawn of the Kitteh, you know, kitteh zombies. The possibilities are endless.

(Oh, and there are more than 20,000 ficlets now. Yeah, I’m pretty amazed too.)

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By Kevin Lawver

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  1. My name is Tim, and I endorse this message. Yep, it’s some funny, funny kitteh stuff. Deep funny. Vive la resistance!

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