I totally empathize with Superman

For Intl Day of Awesomeness, I donated blood for the first time in years. They tested my blood and told me that I am negative for a common virus, which means my blood is more pure than most (I think they said 95% of the population). This means that my blood is needed for premature babies, cancer patients, and trauma victims. It has been less than a month since I have been able to donate again and I have received at least 6 calls and 3 letters asking for my blood. I really want to donate more… but, you know, I’m busy. First, a bunch of us came down with a stomach virus for 2 weeks and then I had to do the laundry that wasn’t done during those two weeks. Now I am trying to move. But I should totally be out there donating blood and saving some lives. Oy, the pressure!