The First Round of Dailies from Max’s Movie

Unnamed Max Lawver School Project – Dailies Day One from Kevin Lawver on Vimeo.\
Max is making a movie for school, so we’ve turned the front room into a jury rigged animation studio. Max is making all the models, backdrops and I’m making him move the models when we film. I take the frames and will help with iMovie when we get there. We’re using iStopMotion, which is going pretty well so far. It even supports my Nikon D80 in PTP mode. We tried that for a couple test shots, but I don’t have a real macro lens and the table is too short to do it right, so we’re sticking with the iSight for now.\
We’re going to try to film the other two scenes tomorrow and Monday. We’ll post dailies each day and then, of course, the final product.\
Here’s a shot of the “studio”. You know, where the magic happens:

a photo of our home animation studio

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By Kevin Lawver

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  1. Looking good so far! I’m perpetually in awe of all the cool stuff you and Max do.
    One tip maybe if you’re going to use your still camera. Give the custom white balancing a go, particularly if you’re using mixed lighting from a desk lamp, etc. It’ll really help with the color.
    I’m excited to see where this project goes!

  2. This is just one of the many neat things that you guys do, I know. But, I have to say that this one is one of the neatest – I think – that you’ve ever done. It’s holding my attention at least. (Hey, that means something since I have a shorter attention span that a gnat.)
    Happy creating, best of luck and have a wonderful time.
    I’m gonna love the dailies but can’t wait to see the final cut either. Neat-o.

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