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Adapting to Web Standards SXSW Autograph Tour Giveaway

Christopher came up with a great idea. Since four of us who wrote Adapting to Web Standards will be at SxSW, he’s doing a little giveaway. Get all four of our autographs and you could win a copy of our excellent book (really, it’s good).\
In other news, we launched our first public web app at work recently, and I’d like to ask a favor. If you know any independent bands, could you please please please ask them to check out uPlaya Artists? I’d love to hear what they (or you) think of the site! A lot of hard work went in to it (even though, as you can see, there are still several “coming soon” banners on features).\
And if you need to know what I look like… here I am.\
And lastly… happy International Day of Awesomeness!!!

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By Kevin Lawver

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