So Much for Lazy Weekends

Today’s been busy. Here’s what Brian and I have done this weekend:
# Went to Target and got some patio furniture.
# Assembled that furniture (a table, umbrella and stand and set of four chairs)
# Cleaned out my car
# Swept the back patio
# Went to ACE Hardware and got potting soil, peat moss and seeds.
# Cleaned out all the old pots in the backyard and filled them with peat moss and potting soil
# Transplanted Brian’s bean plants and Max’s radishes from their science projects.
# Planted cucumbers, tomatoes and wildflowers
# Cleaned up (well, mostly) our mess and then watered everything, at least once.
# Finished setting up the server ficly will eventually live on so I can take it over the Seimitsu this week (if you’re in Savannah and need pretty much anything IT or hosting-related, you’d be stupid not to call them – I love love love them).
And now, I’m going to take some Aleve and sit down.

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