Bullet points!


  • Max has started reading this blog (hi, Max!) so I need to stop with the adult or subversive posts. I’m not sure what else there is to write, ha. I haven’t been feeling ranty lately which is a good thing given my new posting restrictions. The Hofstra case really has me irked though.
  • Max has been settling well in the 4th grade. He is still in the Art and Philosophy Club and is trying out for chorus. (What normal elementary school requires tryouts?) We also try to make time for karate twice a week. Later in the year, he will add Robotics Club. So many cool new opportunities! We decided to skip soccer at the Y, heh.
  • I still spend 30-45 minutes each day getting my kids to and from school, most of which is spent in the parent-created traffic jam. The system is ridiculous. I freely admit to adding to the problem. I don’t want to have my kids ride the bus in the morning because pick up time is 55 minutes before school starts. Considering how late school gets out and how busy Max is afterward, he could definitely use that time more advantageously at home (usually sleeping).
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