We Were on Morning Edition!

We were on Morning Edition today! You can read the transcript or listen to the story on the site. It’s very exciting, and the story’s great too. I think the artist they interviewed has a pretty typical reaction when people first hear about what we do. The comments on the article, too, are fairly typical.\
A lot of people think it’s the “death of art” or “homogenizing the music industry”, what we do. I think that’s silly. There’s so much music out there, and the labels do a horrible job of picking the good stuff. We’re trying to fix the system, not replace the whole thing or remove “art”. We’re trying to bring the music that the labels will never showcase out from the “masses” of mediocre stuff out there. Ours is just one approach, but I think it scales and is less prone to gaming than crowdsourcing or the current label approach of blind hit or miss picks by a very small group of kingmakers. If you really look at how “hits” get made today, it’s pretty disgusting. Art in popular radio is already dead. We’re trying to bring the art back by showcasing the things that should be played, not regurgitating the same old stuff the labels will to be hits with their gigantic marketing budgets.

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By Kevin Lawver

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  1. I’m A-Playa. Here’s what I wrote in a comment to NPR’s article…
    I’m an independent artist that takes pride in staying true to myself. The Vecctones is my current project and I believe it to be distinct, unique and geniune. I’ve incorporated UPLAYA as a production tool to help make decisions about what version of a song to use and also for which songs make the cut. There is a way to use UPLAYA while not making any compromises to your music. I think it is an invaluable music production tool for bands and producers to further sculpt their sound and hone their craft.

  2. We recently sent a song thru the uplaya system and received a platinum addy. The song Eat the Night Alive had gone thru a few revisions before the upload but from the moment the songs riff was written, I knew we were on to something! This just confirms our intuition. The deciding factor of Uplayas science will be when a song from a uplaya artist actually is a hit on radio!

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