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Shawn Medero asked for some Rails resources on Twitter last night, and here they are. All of the blogs are from my feed reader and the links are things that are pretty much always on one of my first five browser tabs. I’m sure I’m missing some great Ruby and Rails blogs from this list, so if you have any… bring ’em on.\



  • I use O’Reilly’s Ruby in a Nutshell as a desk reference all the time. It’s so worn out, I probably need to order another copy (although I do have the PDF now).
  • With Rails 3 just around the corner, I would wait if you want to get a Rails book. Maybe start with the Manning Early Access Program and get Rails 3 In Action

I only listen to one Ruby podcast: Ruby5 – It’s only a couple times a week and only 5 minutes at a time, which is perfect for short attention spans.

By Kevin Lawver

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  1. Was search for Ruby on Rails guidance. Two questions, please …
    What is the best book for a beginning to use in learning Ruby (which I assume you learn before tackling Rails)?
    Can you recommend a local, contract programmer for a worthwhile project?
    Signed-up for the SEDA presentation. Thanks for the information that you are providing here. Arid deserts and dense forests are equally challenging.

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