Inspired by Sharktopus

I didn’t watch it, but Syfy had a movie called Sharktopus on last week. I’m sitting here on the couch with Brian, and we’ve decided that this mutant animal thing needs to be encouraged. So, here are our recommendations for Syfy’s next round of mutant animal movies:

  • Donkeymander
  • Chihuchilla
  • Tigersloth
  • Turtlehorse
  • Cobronkey
  • Squidant
  • Ladybug Man vs. Butterfly fish
  • Pigow vs Lizicken (Brian really like the VS)
  • Beelephant – with a stinger the size of a car!
  • Hippotoo (needs a sturdy perch – Jen came up with that one)
  • Hippoguin vs. Rhinogator
  • Catalope vs. Hamsterlion
  • Monkodile
  • Sharkiraffe
  • Mothemone (as long as you keep your sweaters out of its tentacles, you’re fine)
  • Cuddlebudgie (that would be a cuddlefish+hedgehog)

Now all we need are some concept art and scripts!

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By Kevin Lawver

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  1. My favorite was the catalope…mainly cause I initially thought it was cantaloupe, and I’m a little hungry at the moment.

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