We’ll Never Understand

So far, I’ve seen statements from at least 3 politicians, who have no
problem expressing strong opinions about people outside their religion
and race; who never let their own ignorance keep them from pronouncing
judgement on others, say today that we’ll “never understand the
motivations” of the monster who killed 9 people last night in

Why reserve your whip-smart judgement now? Why be so “sensitive” and
offer your “prayers”? Could it be because your ignorant ramblings maybe
inspired this guy?

Media figures and politicians demonize entire races and religions all
the time, saying, like Glenn Beck did, that people are “willing to lay
down their lives” for whatever batshit crazy cause they’re spouting off
about. And then, when some crazed lunatic actually DOES WHAT THEY SO
SLYLY SUGGEST, they clasp their hands and say they’re praying for the
victims and say we’ll never understand what drove them to do such a
horrible thing.

We know. They were inspired by parents, by the talk radio hosts they
listen to, by the politicians that pander to any loony zealot who will
vote for them (or give them money), by the mentally unhinged bastards
who say we’re at war with everybody.

So, maybe instead of just praying for the victims, we should stop being
such assholes and preach the religion we say we follow? Preach peace.
Preach understanding. Preach forgiveness and humility. Teach your kids
not to be racist. Teach your kids to love their neighbors (no matter who
they are).

These tragedies are avoidable, and praying for the victims is the least
you can do. Condemn violence. Condemn racism. Condemn those who make
targets out of innocent people. And if you are one of those people, stop
it already. You’re the problem. Be a part of the solution.

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