This ‘Stache’s a Winner!

Kevin, showing off two months of 'stache-growing.

They posted the final tally and I won! I have no idea what the trophy looks like or when it will show up, but expect pictures when it gets here.\
There’s no way I would have won if not for Howard Uman, who sent an e-mail out to about 800 people (no, really, 750 people inside AOL, his hockey team and who knows who else) asking them to donate. I felt weird about hitting people up at work for money, so Howard did it for me. Expect a picture of Howie’s smiling face holding the trophy in the near future. Thank you, Howard!!\
It was harder than I thought it would be to keep a mustache for two months. It looked ridiculous, itched a lot, was hard to trim (I was always afraid I’d make it uneven, so I just didn’t trim it until I was taking bites of it with my food)… I mean, who wants to look like the fat extra on CHiPS?\
But, now it’s over. We raised some money to save some nuts (I guess I can stop with the testicle jokes now), and had some fun in the process. Thank you to all 29 people who donated, the guys who organized it, Jen for putting up with the ‘stache and not making too many mustache ride jokes, and everyone else for playing along and not giggling too much when I entered the room.

The Home ‘Stache Stretch

It’s almost over. This bristly curly mass on my face is doomed. Come Thursday morning, it will be gone. I’m currently tied for fourth place in the rankings, and that’s just not good enough, people!\
I’ve hopefully provided some entertainment, and maybe saved a testicle (maybe two, I don’t know what the dollar to nut ratio is). But, we can do better. We must do better. For as little as ten dollars, you too can save a ball from certain doom.

Plus, I really want that trophy.

The Great Stache Off Continues

You Want What When?

I’m posting daily photos of the ‘stache’s progress. Today marks the beginning of the return of the ‘stache lovingly known as The Cletus. The sideburns may follow, but I’ll have to go to the judges and see if that’s allowed in the rules.\
It’s never too late to donate , but why wait? It’s all for saving testicles from cancer. Please, think of all the nuts you’ll be saving (and their balls)!

The Great Stache Off Begins

It’s started! For two months, I’ll be shaving every day, except for my mustache “area”. Yes, The Great Stache Off has begun! I have a goal of raising two thousand bucks for the Sean Kimerling Testicular Cancer Foundation () in two months. I’ve never really done anything like this, but, I think the idea is so funny, and such a great way to raise money, that I couldn’t resist.\
So… if you’ve got some spare dough, why not help a nut out? If for nothing else, so Cletus can make a comeback!\
(the possibilities for puns and naughtiness for the next two months are endless… expect lots and lots of ball jokes)\
Update: I’ll be doing daily photo updates over on Flickr. You can follow along (yes, day one is kind of pathetic, but I’m not a yeti… it’ll take a good week before it looks like anything)!\