The Home ‘Stache Stretch

It’s almost over. This bristly curly mass on my face is doomed. Come Thursday morning, it will be gone. I’m currently tied for fourth place in the rankings, and that’s just not good enough, people!\ I’ve hopefully provided some entertainment, and maybe saved a testicle (maybe two, I don’t know what the dollar to nut… Continue reading The Home ‘Stache Stretch

The Great Stache Off Continues

I’m posting daily photos of the ‘stache’s progress. Today marks the beginning of the return of the ‘stache lovingly known as The Cletus. The sideburns may follow, but I’ll have to go to the judges and see if that’s allowed in the rules.\ It’s never too late to donate , but why wait? It’s all… Continue reading The Great Stache Off Continues

The Great Stache Off Begins

It’s started! For two months, I’ll be shaving every day, except for my mustache “area”. Yes, The Great Stache Off has begun! I have a goal of raising two thousand bucks for the Sean Kimerling Testicular Cancer Foundation () in two months. I’ve never really done anything like this, but, I think the idea is… Continue reading The Great Stache Off Begins