Writing Conference Bios

Kevin Lawver doing his best Glamour Shots pose

I’m speaking at a conference this week in London, and am speaking at SxSW again this year, which means I’ve had to write two conference bios in short succession. I hate writing conference bios, mostly because I feel like a complete ass writing about myself in the third person. But, I’m rather proud of these two. Oh, that picture up there? That’s the headshot I’m using for SxSW.\
For the conference in London, where I’m supposed to talk about new technology and software in the social media world, but I’m really going to talk about how to be human and not be a complete tool on twitter:\
bq. Kevin Lawver lives on the internet. He’s been blogging since 2000, been uploading to flickr since before it was in beta, tweets all day long about whatever moves him, and can be found on most of the major social networks and many of the minor ones. He worked for AOL for thirteen years building massive web products that millions of people used every day. When not tilting at windmills, Kevin: helped write a book about web development, won some awards, helped create some web standards, got his name on a patent, been interviewed on Canadian radio, invented a holiday celebrated by literally tens of people, and spoke at conferences just like this one all over the world. Kevin currently lives in Savannah, Georgia, and works for Music Intelligence Solutions building awesome web products that will hopefully revolutionize the music industry. You can find out more about Kevin at http://kevinlawver.com and about his work at http://uplaya.com.\
For SxSW, where I’m honored to be on the Amazing Mr. Smokler’s how to stay inspired after SxSW panel:\
bq. Kevin Lawver is a man among people of every gender. Kevin used to work for a larger internet company, but now works for a small music technology company telling people what to do and building killer web sites for independent artists. He loves working on the web, taking pictures, writing code that works, and making a fool of himself. He’s very very good at the last one. He invented a holiday to celebrate “awesomeness”, helped write a book about standards based development, won awards for building cool web stuff, and looks forward to having his face put on a commemorative plate. Kevin blogs with his wife over at http://lawver.net and launches web stuff over at http://uplaya.com.\
Yeah, they’re not that different… I still hate writing them.

Thanksgiving Wrap Up

Our Thanksgiving weekend consisted of eating, sleeping, and visiting with family. YAY! The boys also played tourist around the DC and Northern Va area. I don’t know specifically where they went because I was too busy eating, sleeping, and visiting with family to pay attention. To make up for the lack of details, here are pictures of some of the people who were there (some pics from years ago, heh):

Aunt Heather and Pirate!Brian:\

Nana and great-grandkids:\

Uncle Steve and Brian:\

Uncle Tim and Max:\

The Fab Four:\

The men folk (Kevin was taking the pic):\

Join the Impact: We Marched in Jacksonville!

jen holding her 'this mormon is for gay rights' poster

The rest of the pics are here. Unlike most other events I attend, I spent more time “present” than taking pictures. The stories from committed couples, many of whom have been together for decades, were both inspiring and heart-breaking.\
To me, this isn’t about whether or not homosexuality is right or wrong, it’s about allowing people to pursue their happiness, a right this country was founded on. Their love is no threat to my marriage or anyone else’s. These people are our neighbors, relatives, friends and fellow citizens. They deserve to share their lives and enjoy the same rights that married heterosexual couples enjoy. They deserve the public recognition of their love that I enjoy with Jen.\
The rest of the arguments are cover for something else, whether it’s ignorance, hate or some other motive, it doesn’t matter. Treating people as something less than full members of society for who they love is wrong.\
I’m really glad we went, and I’m so proud of Jen for getting up in front of a bunch of strangers and telling them how sorry she was for how our church has treated them by supporting Prop 8 in California, Prop 2 in Florida and the measures in Arkansas and Arizona. This won’t be the last time we protest, I’m sure. I’m just hoping we can march in Savannah next time.