Thanksgiving Wrap Up

Our Thanksgiving weekend consisted of eating, sleeping, and visiting with family. YAY! The boys also played tourist around the DC and Northern Va area. I don’t know specifically where they went because I was too busy eating, sleeping, and visiting with family to pay attention. To make up for the lack of details, here are pictures of some of the people who were there (some pics from years ago, heh):

Aunt Heather and Pirate!Brian:\

Nana and great-grandkids:\

Uncle Steve and Brian:\

Uncle Tim and Max:\

The Fab Four:\

The men folk (Kevin was taking the pic):\

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  1. auntiem says:

    ok, the pic of the 4 of you? FABULOUS!!!!!!!! Sounds like you had a great Tday! Is Christmas in Ms???
    Love you all,
    Auntie M

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