3 thoughts on “What To Believe? I’m So Tired, I Don’t Care.”

  1. The problem, buddy, is that you’re buying into the “label” party. Why label yourself? People ask me my politics all the time. I’m pro-gun and pro-choice! WTF am I? At times I’m a strict Constitutionalist and at others I think the Supreme Court should have some sway in it. When people ask me “what” I am politically, I answer “…complicated.” And that’s the darn tootin’ truth! Don’t think that if you label yourself as being a certain “thing” you have to buy into everything that “label” portends as a party plank! First rule of politics: All politics suck. Second rule of Politicians: All politicians suck. Period.

  2. You’re right. I was using them as convenient buckets. I genuinely want a valid third party in this country to stand up to the DNC and GOP and make them play a little fairer. Politics suck, yes, but Politicians are shaping the future of our country, and they’re doing a horrendous job doing it. Unfortunately, I don’t see anyone on the other side I can get behind and believe that they’ll be any different. I guess I’m politically despondant. Deep down, I know what I’d like to see, but I’m not seeing it and have no faith that I’ll see it in my lifetime.

  3. Creepy… you are turning into my husband. He loves Utne Reader, also likes Salon. Has tried Mother Jones. He also loves Mental Floss. I read it when he leaves it in the bathroom. :) Check it out, you would probably like to too.

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