Two Kids, a House and a Yard

Babies are fun. Toddlers are more fun, especially when they can talk and play games; but, babies are fun in their own way. Brian is 8 days old now, and he’s trying to lift his head, is really good at flailing his arms and kicking his blankets off. He still sleeps a lot, but is now spending more time awake and staring at us. I love it. His little eyes are focusing and moving in the same direction (no more cross eyes… at least most of the time).

It’s fun finding out which body parts look like someone else in the family. In comparing baby pictures, Brian looks almost exactly like Max at the same age. Brian is a little longer, a little heavier and has (we think) a slightly bigger head. But, we’re probably going to have to start marking baby pictures so we know who’s who.

We’re now a family of four. I have two kids. Ok, I think it’s sunk in now.