3 thoughts on “Mikey’s Got A New Album”

  1. I did and do. If I didn’t like him, I wouldn’t pimp his new album. There would have been a gaping void where his album pimpage should have gone. But, you see, I do like him, so I blog about him.
    I don’t normally blog about people I don’t like. It’s too easy to cause trouble that way (and you know, get fired). I did it once since starting this blog. I don’t think the person ever found out, but I was tempted to delete the post for almost a year after I wrote it.

  2. here are the facts:
    1) i did not pay kevin to say this.
    2) kevin paid me to say this.
    3) i was never really kevin’s boss. it was just a little play that had a short run. nobody is the boss of kevin. i learned more from kevin than he ever did from me.
    thanks, sweetheart.

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