Mikey’s Got A New Album

I’m a shameful loser for not posting this earlier, but please go check out Mike Golay’s new album. I haven’t heard it yet past some demos during the summer, but if it’s anything like his first album, you won’t be disappointed. If you like acoustic guitar, you’ll love Mike’s stuff.\
Oh, and you can find his first album in the iTunes Music Store, which was really weird for me. Mike used to be my boss, and finding your boss in iTunes? That’s just weird.

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By Kevin Lawver

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  1. I did and do. If I didn’t like him, I wouldn’t pimp his new album. There would have been a gaping void where his album pimpage should have gone. But, you see, I _do_ like him, so I blog about him.
    I don’t normally blog about _people_ I don’t like. It’s too easy to cause trouble that way (and you know, get fired). I did it once since starting this blog. I don’t think the person ever found out, but I was tempted to delete the post for almost a year after I wrote it.

  2. here are the facts:
    1) i did not pay kevin to say this.
    2) kevin paid me to say this.
    3) i was never really kevin’s boss. it was just a little play that had a short run. nobody is the boss of kevin. i learned more from kevin than he ever did from me.
    thanks, sweetheart.

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