Stupid memory, I knew it would ruin me!

You may be asking, “Mr. Kevin, where are your Monday morning movie reviews?” Let me tell you, having DirecTV sure cuts down on movie rentals. Other than an aversion to leaving the house and renting DVD’s, it gives me the chance to fill up on Iron Chef, Sessions at West 54th, football, Trading Spaces, movies out the wazoo (almost said yazoo, which is a stinky river in Mississippi), Band of Brothers and other strange and wonderful programming. Yessir, I’m hooked! So, the Monday Morning Review may be the “Weekend DirecTV Review” instead.

TiVo is next, so I can watch all this happy stuff when I want to. Mmmmm, media slut, that’s me.

Ok, among all this back-patting, I have one complaint about our DirecTV box. It has this cool-sounding Scout feature. You give it the name of a program you want to watch, and it should give you a list of when it shows up in the listing. The problem is, it only works when the box is off. Who turns their box off? Not me, I tell you. Bring on the TiVo!

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By Kevin Lawver

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