Connie Chung is joining CNN

Connie Chung is joining CNN, and will host an hour-long show at 8pm in the Spring. The show hasn’t been named yet. In an attempt to be as helpful as possible to the newest member of the AOL-Time Warner family, I’ve come up with a list of possible titles for her show:
  • On The Bottom Rung With Chung
  • She could get together with Wayne Brady from Who’s Line and have a Crossfire-like: Wayne-Chung Hour (sorry, I really couldn’t help it)
  • In the same vein, she and Larry King could combine their shows for the canned Chung King Show (does anyone else remember Chung King canned Chinese food?)
  • In the spirit of ESPN’s new design treatment, they could call it just CONNIE
  • Pro and Connie
  • On The Down Low with cChung
  • She could get together with Aaron Brown and Wolf Blitzer and call it The News, Brought to You By A, B and C

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