Things that suck

I was sick all weekend. It started with a scratch in the throat and an early morning on Saturday taking my sister to take the ACT. Then, a headache and general unwellness later in the afternoon and a four hour nap. Then, Sunday was a blur of cough drops and tissues. No nap, but plenty of headaches and drowsiness. Today I’m a little better, butt-dragging and drowsy. It’s not how I imagined feeling on the first day in my new job (which feels a lot like my old job since I’m still in my old pod).

Watching the news when sick sucks. I watched Israeli and Palestinian spokesheads spout the same arguments over and over again, hour after hour. I watched The Real World for a long time because Jen wanted to catch up since we haven’t been watching this season. I know I’m over my Real World thing now. These kids’ lives don’t interest me any more. Their problems seem small and petty. They appear ignorant and like marshmallow peep versions of previous casts. Oooh, there’s the angry black guy, the cute gay boy, the jock, the bulemic, the lesbian. We’ve seen all this before. At least get us a new crop of socially relevant problem children to feel sorry for. How about a narcoleptic fish farmer from Washington state? Maybe a Native American peyote farmer cut out by the foreign peyote cartel? How about a vato from Tucson who loves his low-rider truck and is feircely Catholic even though he doesn’t know what that really means? How about a fat girl? How about an all-blog cast who sit in front of their computers commenting on life outside without actually doing anything interesting in the house (if I weren’t married, I would be a perfect candidate)? That show has lost all relevance to my life, and while that’s kind of sad, I’m glad I’m not in that post-adolescent, but still stupid stage. I’m a stupid adult now.

Thankfully, there was Iron Chef to dull my pain. The first New York battle between Bobby Flay and Morimoto was a lot of fun, and the one afterwards with rice as the ingredient was really cool.

Ok, I’m done. That was my sickly weekend. Hopefully the week will be better.

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By Kevin Lawver

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