Since I talk about them

Since I talk about them all the time, I’ve decided to post a breakdown of the machines I have at work. Here you go, in no particular order:

  • Dell Precision 220 – 733mhz P3 / 20gb HD / 256 mb RAM – Win2k

  • Dell Precision 550 – Dual Xeon 1.7ghz / Dual 36gb SCSI hd / 1gb RAM – RedHat 7.2 (this is the uber-box)

  • Apple Powermac G4 – 867mhz G4 / 60gb hd / 512mb RAM – OS X

  • Apple Powerbook G4 – 550mhz G4 / 20gb hd / 256mb RAM – OS X

  • Sun Ultra 10 – 400mhz UltraSparc / 9gb hd / 512mb RAM – Solaris 7 (which I sorely need to upgrade)

Why do I need so many machines? I live in a strange inbetween world. I work on frontends for a ton of different products that have to work in pretty much every browser, which explains the Macs and Windows machines. I also write a lot of code for log-crunching and other weird on-going maintenance type things, which explains the uber-box and the Sun box. So, see, it all makes sense when you get down to it. That, and I love collecting hardware, especially hardware that work will pay for.

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By Kevin Lawver

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