Wearing a New Hat (a Red One)

I got my uberBox at work upgraded to RedHat 8.0 today. It’s nice. The dithered fonts in XWindows look really good, and the admin tools actually work (as opposed to things like the X Services Tool in 7.2). There were some glaring omissions like ksh and the telnet server made in either the pursuit of ease-of-use or danger avoidance, but if you’re behind a firewall, telnet’s just fine to have installed.

So, the lesson today kids is to choose the “Custom” option and install what you want. Don’t expect “Workstation” to actually have everything you use in it.

And in non-geeky news, Jen and Max are coming home tonight instead of tomorrow. They were going to go to the beach, but because it’s been raining for three days, and is supposed to keep dripping right on through the weekend, they’re coming back. Last night was kind of tough. It was really boring without anyone to talk to, and no Max to play with. I didn’t know when to go to bed, partly because I didn’t want to go up there by myself. I’m glad they’re coming back tonight…

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By Kevin Lawver

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