It’s So NEW!

I’m learning a new language. Yes, I’m doing it. I forgot how much fun it is to jump into something brand new and see it work. We’re moving to Java/JSP/Tomcat at work, and that means that I get to switch from my beloved AOLserver to the strange world of virtual application urls, beans, servlets and JSP tags.

To make this fun, I found the fabulous Apache2/Tomcat bundle from the kind folks at Server Logistics. The setup was virtually painless past doing some configuration (that’s unfortunately not in their readme). So, I’ve replaced the Apache that comes with OS X with Apache 2 and a JSP engine. I’ve now written my first jsp. It’s ugly, but it works. I can now include files, do neat-o for loops, switches and if statements. I do like that you can switch from code snippet to regular HTML mid-process (like int he middle of an if statement). You can’t do that with AOLserver, which means you sometimes have problems with escaping quotes.

I’m looking forward to this move. This afternoon was a lot of fun.

In sad news, Jen and Max are in Pennsylvania with my mom for the next couple days. I’m aaaa-aaaall alone, which explains why I’m still at work.

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By Kevin Lawver

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