Great Idea – A Better Browser

What a great idea. Use a better browser. There’s no reason to surrender to IE because they won the first big battle in the browser war. Microsoft has its gigantic back turned. It’s time to advocate (in more than snarking asides in geekspeak) that our sites will look better in better browsers.

Just because IE came installed on your machine doesn’t mean you have to use it. There are alternatives that do a better job of displaying web pages, run better, crash less and are more secure (much much more secure).

Maybe it’s time to restart the Web Standards Project’s browser upgrade campaign…

One thought on “Great Idea – A Better Browser

  1. AMEN BRUTHA! We all need to open our eyes to the other side of computing. I’ve 100% replaced my workstation with Gentoo Linux. I use Mozilla, Evolution, and Open Office among other very well done free software. Open Office in particular is worth looking at since it is ported to many arcs. 🙂 You’ll find a Windoze version to replace that $600 office crap that MS puts out. Granted it’s well done piece of software, but it’s not $600 great! I still use XP for gaming however, but the Open Source world is coming around in that respect too, tho. They are at least as good as the Macintosh platform in that respect these days.

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