The Big Anniversary

A couple weeks till the big three year anniversary for this site. My first post (the link to the Max pics doesn’t even work!) with Blogger was on 7/20/2000. In July of 2002, I switched to Movable Type, and never looked back.\
Why have I kept going? Blogging is fun. It’s a good clean and fairly cheap hobby outside of the \$50 I gave to Ben and Mena for Movable Type and my cheap hosting. I’ve reconnected with old friends, found too many new ones to list here, and found a great place to hone my webby skills. Without a blog, I don’t think I’d have gotten into CSS as much as I have, and never would have bought Zeldman’s book.\
Blogging has helped improve my writing skills. I’m still not a good writer, but I’m better than I was. It’s helped my design skills (not that you can really tell from here, this design is getting a little stale, just wait till Michelle’s redesign launches, and then Marty’s – then I’ll redo this one and show you what I’ve learned recently).\
Blogging has introduced me to lives I never would have known about before. It gives me a window into peoples’ circumstances I don’t think you can get through any other medium on this scale. A good documentary can introduce you to a person, or a small group. Blogging and getting connected to the larger community can connect you to hundreds of peoples’ lives and experiences. As more people start blogging, more of those experiences will be documented, giving a more complete history of their lives, and us as a whole (whether that whole is a community, country, race, or humanity).\
I may tire of blogging myself at some point, but I doubt it. I do expect this site, my writing and me to evolve over time. That’s the whole point. My blog is my expression of myself online (I’d give credit to whoever I got that from, but I don’t remember, if you said it first, send me an url, you’ll get the credit you deserve). I’m constantly changing, which means what I write and how I express myself will change. I’m thinking of some big changes for the redesign (you know, after Michelle and Marty’s are done).\
If you don’t blog now, think about it. There are tools out there, or coming soon (wink, wink), that will make it easier, richer and more fun than it is now for people who aren’t uber-geeks. I hope to last another thirty years, and have this great archive of my life, from the trivial to the truly important, it will be a record of who I was almost every day of my existance from 7/20/2000 until the day I leave this world. I can’t think of a better way to do it.

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