It’s Heather again with another update. I’ve been trying to get a web gallery up of the pictures I took of cute not-so-little Brian, but my computer’s acting up. So instead, you’re going to get three individual links. Just. Like. This. Number three is by far my favorite – it’s the Thinking Baby! More later, I promise… if my computer will cooperate.


  1. Little Brian has the Lawver men’s eyes, doesn’t he? Can’t wait to see you all.

  2. Brian has the Lawver’s eyes. Too cute. He’s going to look just like Max
    See everyone soon!
    Grandma Connie

  3. HOW EXCITING!!!!! Glad that mom and baby and dad are doing fine! What a handsome addition to the world!!! Lots of hugs, love and kisses!!!!
    Auntie M

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