A Book To Make You Smart (Again)

Are you feeling stupid? Have you lost your edge in trivia games? Do you
need better quality reading in your bathroom? Baby, you need
Condensed Knowledge,
big time. I have a copy, and although I’ve now forgotten everything I
learned from it, I had a great time reading it. It’s funny, pithy, and
in some cases, kind of rude. It’s the best kind of rude though, really.

There are lots and lots of different topics, and some you can easily
skip (I skipped economics at least three times). Not that it’s not good,
but the psychology, all the science bits, religion and philosophy
sections deserve repeat reading.

The short articles (most less than a page), and the writing style, make
this a great “pick up anywhere, put down anywhere” book. It’s been in my
bathroom for the last two months, and I think I’ve read almost all of it
by now (except for the damnable economics section – not that it’s bad,
economics puts me to sleep, and on the toilet, that can be bad for your
legs, you know). You can pick it up, flip open to any page and learn
something you can use to impress your friends (or other people you might
meet while you’re in the bathroom).

So yeah… that’s my review (thanks to
Mr. Smokler for hooking me up
with the book). In a nutshell: it’ll make you smarter if you read it on
the toilet, but too heavy to take on the plane.

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