Pickin’ Presidents

Can’t decide who to vote for? Because Jim asked so nice in the comments to my post about voting, here’s a tip. Check out Presidential Match. It was a lot of fun during the primaries because there were more people to match against, but it’s still useful. It’s kind of Presidential politics mixed with a dating service.

And I’m sorry I said you were in a coma… that was rude.

And… nonDependant is still there, and it still works. If you start posting there and asking questions, it’ll live again. It’s all up to you

1 thought on “Pickin’ Presidents”

  1. Kinda figured…66% Kerry, 35% Bush.
    But, come on…the poll was done by that left wing outlet of liberal media AOL/Time. 🙂 Or, I guess it would be more appropriate to say Time/AOL. (no, I’m NOT bitter…)

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