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Oh no, I’ve been found!! Two old pals from high school stumbled over here today, and now I’m reliving the last year and a half of high school, realizing that it was more than a decade ago that I graduated from Vicksburg High School. Time flies…

And then I started thinking about how to describe the last eleven years of my life, what I’ve done, seen and how I’ve changed. I can’t really do it. Other than the highlights (getting married, two kids, job, moving to VA), how to do you write up your life in an e-mail?

I do have a record of the last four years though… since July of 2000, I’ve been posting nonsense on this site. I just went back and re-read some of the stone-age posts, and they’re frightening, both for their brevity and well, just not saying anything. I didn’t really get the hang of blogging until April of 2001, and then I just couldn’t stop. The first post I made that isn’t completely embarassing to re-read is my ode to my favorite non-uncle. Pretty much the next year of posts is forgettable… until we get to my post on JenWords. Ahhh, memory lane. All this stuff I would never have remembered if it weren’t all here in the archives waiting to be dug up again (and the old meme’s, like my 26 things).

This is why I love blogging. It’s better than journal-writing (to me), because it’s public. I can share who I am with everyone. Yes, there are limitations (self-imposed) on what I say, but I don’t think that hides who I am, or really how I feel about things. I don’t change who I am, or how I feel while writing – I might tone it down or change names, but the feelings remain the same.

And I rarely talk about sinus infections anymore – that’s progress.

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  1. Hmm, I’m thinking I have some progress to make on my blog writing. I have some time, I guess. It hasn’t quite been 10 years since I graduated from High School.

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