Cooking Shows That Don’t Suck

This Salon article on cooking shows was entertaining, and I can’t agree more with their take on Good Eats, but I think they missed one: Molto Mario. In 24 minutes, Mario can make you believe you can create good Italian home-cooking, and he’s right. He gives you the basics, and the tools for doing pretty much anything you want. After three shows, you’ll be braising to your heart’s content. And, he’s entertaining to boot.\
I don’t agree that you can’t learn anything from Iron Chef. I’ve learned a lot from it – how to cut up a chicken, carve a roast and some really cool ideas for soups, stews and roasts. Yeah, it’s out there, but when you break it down, it’s still a cooking show.

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By Kevin Lawver

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  1. Is it futile to start a list of cooking shows that DO suck? If not, let me start it with “Cookin’ in Brooklyn.” Now, I love BKNY with all of my heart, lived there for 2 years and visit as often as I can, but this guy puts on the most boring show from the most interesting of places. Such mediocrity should not come from such a great place.

  2. I think it is… you could just throw the entire Food Network lineup on the list, with the exceptions of the shows mentioned in my post, Food Hunter (which they don’t show anymore), and A Cook’s Tour. They’re not so much cooking shows, but I like them.

  3. Ok, let me get my “I pretend to cook but really watch because I like how the kitchen is decorated and I am not married to a lawyer so I can’t afford that kitchen” comment. I LOVE to watch Barefoot Contessa! She is happy and fat! I also love to watch Paula Deen’s Home Cooking. Who can argue with Krispe Kreme Bread Pudding?!

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