My Boys

I’ve been slowly transferring our old MiniDV tapes into iMovie and then burning them on DVD. I’m currently importing the video from our trip to Virginia Beach when Max was about eighteen months old. It’s almost jarring how much Max and Brian look alike. I never figured that my kids would have a “look”. My siblings and I look nothing alike (lucky them, I know). If you hold up pictures of Max and Brian from the same age, they could be twins (or, in some cases, the same kid).\
There were these families when I was a kid where the kids all looked alike. When you saw one, you knew exactly what family they were from. It’s still really foreign to me to think that I’m going to have one of those families. There will be a “Lawver Look™”.\
At least it’s a good one… if we all looked like Quasimodo, I’d be worried. But, man, they’re cute. They’re really, really cute.

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By Kevin Lawver

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  1. Are you absolutely sure the boys look alike? I just don’t see it. I challenge you to post two photos of the boys taken at the same age. Then you can ask your blog buddies to vote on it.
    Grandma Connie

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