Bloggie Nominations

I figured that since I spent so much time on this list, I should share it. If you have your own list o’ faves, go nominate them.
Here are my nominations. If I left out a category, it’s because I didn’t nominate anyone for that category. Reviewing the list, it looks like Dooce and Photodude are my favorite blogs, and that’s pretty much true. Here’s the rest of the list:
* best application for weblogs
** Flickr
** Textile
** MarsEdit
* best asian weblog
** Joi Ito
* best european weblog
** Glazblog
* best canadian weblog
** Consolation Champs
** Photojunkie
* best american weblog
** Dooce
** Davezilla
** Photodude
* best photography of a blog
** Dooce
** Chromasia
** Photojunkie
* best non-weblog content of a weblog site
** Textism
* best entertainment weblog
** The Hot Blog
** Scott Andrew
** Super Secret Questions
* best weblog about politics
** Talking Points Memo
** Political Animal
** Photodude
* best web development weblog
** Molly
** 456 Berea Street
** Slayeroffice
* best computers or technology weblog
** inessential
* most humorous blog
** Dooce
** Davezilla
** Fafblog
* best writing of a weblog
** Betsy Devine
** Photodude
* best group weblog
** Daily Kos
** BoingBoing
** k10k
* best-designed blog
** SimpleBits
** Mezzoblue
** Mike Davidson
* best-kept-secret weblog
** Words for Snow
** I Will Dare
** Rashunda Tramble
* best new weblog
** Tim
** Words for Snow
* lifetime achievement
** Kos
** Matt Mullenweg
** Jay Allen
* weblog of the year
** Dooce
** Daily Kos
** Dean for America
Oh, and happy new year and all that other looking-forward-to-the-coming-year crap.

6 thoughts on “Bloggie Nominations

  1. Well, that is just great. I sat down here to “quickly” read your blog (and Heather’s) before I begin a day of lesson planning (put it off the entire two weeks of Christmas break) and had to check out all the blogs you listed. I am HOOKED. I had some self-control and only bookmarked 8 of them. Sigh… I am addicted to reading blogs! I have always loved biographies. Many reasons, none of which I will get into to spare your the boredom of my deep, deep thoughts but I just do. THANKS for the list! Happy New Year! 🙂

  2. “Anyone with half an ear will hear the most vibrant, varied new score in ages.”

    Cultured Wino In Tifanny, veritas! *hic*Jim Moore’s Journal’s “Pharma in Ghana: A new resource for Africans”Richard Corliss’ “Isn’t It Rahmantic?” in TimeKevin Lawver’s not just kind when it comes to my ties, he makes a mean Bloggie-nomination cribshee…

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