Another Veronica Mars Spiel

Another Veronica Mars spiel – watch it Wed at 9pm on UPN\
I finally got Kevin to watch the first five episodes of “Veronica Mars” and he admitted he really liked it and “it wasn’t what [he] thought it would be.” While the show is set in high school, it is not a high school show. It is definitely an adult show. (I don’t mean an “Oz” or “Sex and the City” type adult show). I mean that the show is not a teen soap opera.\
Tonight’s episode is #6 “Return of the Kane.” Prepare to be amazed by Harry Hamlin, Jason Dohring, and the ofttimes subtle writing. Again, for new viewers check out the recaps at Television Without Pity for the skipped episodes only (you don’t want to be spoiled.) Also UPN is rerunning the episode during the weekend, so check your local listings if you are a Wednesday night partier and can’t make it home in time to watch Veronica Mars.

By Kevin Lawver

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