Veronica Mars

Veronica Mars scored its second highest ratings ever with last night’s mystery finale. YAY! For those who missed the beginning of the arc, or those who are just now deciding to watch the awesomeness that is Veronica Mars, the season opener is being shown next week (Tuesdays, The CW at 9pm EST). I think most of the first mystery’s arc will be replayed, which will be a great time to look for clues for the second mystery which was introduced last night. Wheeee. And how fab is it that we already know so much about the suspects and already have clues? Wheeee, again, I say.

Dick rocks!

Kevin finally watched Veronica Mars last night so I can post all of my favorite lines and points, but eh, it’s so three days ago and I just don’t have the energy. Kevin laughed so loud at some parts, I am sure the kids way upstairs could hear him.\
I still loved all of Dick’s scenes. It’s interesting to see how the actor who plays Dick started out as a glorified extra, with a breakout performance of “Logan!” (HA!) that gradually got him a starring role. In S1, Logan was the jerk who reminded Veronica how far she’d fallen. Then the writers made Logan so wonderfully complex & layered, the actor was so charismatic, and he & Kristen Bell have so much crackling chemistry together that the character moved from ‘one-dimensional jerk’ to leading-woobie-man-status. So the writers made Jerk 2.0 in the form of Dick. Much to the happiness of that actor, I am sure. He gets all of the great, amusing, memorable, and politically insensitive lines that Logan used to get.\
Someone at TWoP posted this as one of their favorite lines: She came in with a guy. She’s falling asleep on my magazine rack and he’s trying to scrape together enough change to buy provolactics.\
And this is the conversation it spawned:\
Me: I am not sure what a provolactic is. Is that the type of birth control they use in Utah?\
Friend 1: It’s not birth control, it’s the name for Utah mothers who breastfeed.\
Me: Hahahaha.\
Friend 2: Huh. I thought it was cheese for the lactose intolerant.\
So tell me, internetters, what is your definition of provolactic?

Yea, baby!

I am totally in love with Dick.\
Who’s with me?\
Other Veronica Mars thoughts:\
This ep had the look and feel of season one. Very dark, literally, which is awesome. And Veronica was back to pissing people off, alienating herself as she investigates. Super yay to that. The show needs to keep up this angle. But, um… she has a picture of the rapist? So, the mystery is solved now? I seriously doubt that, but this picture bit confuses me.\
On a totally shallow note- I dislike that the actress who plays Parker got to keep her hair while the other rape victims are showed without hair. They could have at least put Parker in some fake-looking wigs.\
In Gilmore Girls news- They are rerunning quirky town storylines! The great pickle smell of ’06 is the same as the rotten eggs of… whenever that was. Boo to that. This ep proved that they can get rid of Luke. And the stupid Aerie girls need to go. And yay for Logan in the flesh.

VM conference

Someone cooler than me posted a recap of the Veronica Mars conference I participated in. Brownie points and bragging rights for the first person to identify my question!\
Here is a quote from Rob: The first episode is Veronica Mars for beginners. The case is pretty straight ahead and used to largely introduce us to the new characters. I’ve tried to really front load the episodes with fun breezy banter, that would play nicely with the Gilmore Girls audience, sort of inviting them into the show. It starts feeling more like our show in the final five minutes. The second episode which ranks with some of our best ever, is Veronica Mars at its best.\
See, he made it easy for you guys to catch up with Veronica Mars. And the episode does a great job of introducing characters to the new audience without long expositions. Thumbs up for Rob on that aspect.

My Ode to Rob Thomas

I love Rob Thomas. Not the guy from Matchbox Twenty. I am talking about the creator of Veronica Mars. He is funny, down-to-earth, and so frakkin’ accessible to his fans, that I want to smoosh him.\
Ok, this was a small ode, but very heartfelt.\
Remember when I complained about being off of the cool kids’ list? Well, I made it on the list, and got to participate in a telephone conference call with Rob himself. YAY! That makes me deliriously happy.\
PS, I have already seen the season premiere. WHEEE. More info tomorrow. Kisses!

Not Another Teen Show

Kevin edited the actual Veronica Mars promo into my post below to make it even easier and more tempting for you to watch. Isn’t he fabulous? What a nice husband.\
And now that you’ve all seen the promo, and I know you all have, you can believe me when I say: THIS ISN’T A MELODRAMATIC TEENY-BOPPER SHOW like Dawson’s Creek or 90210. I seriously think that having the lead character in high school (now she’s in college), made pimping this show that much harder. The masses have written it off without even seeing it. But you can become one of the enlightened! Say no to mass-ly writing-off this show. Watch it for yourself this Fall on Tuesdays on the new network, The CW.\
P.S. Hee, I got Tim interested through the promo. And his wife watches the show, so she should have been the one to talk him into watching it. Go internet!

Veronica Mars

Yes, it’s that time again. Time to start pimping the awesomely awesome Veronica Mars. Here is the great promo that was shown at Comic Con a few weeks ago. It really shows what the episodes are like, unlike most commercials made by Evil Promo Bastards. (You can spare a minute, right? It’s not like you’re working hard right now. And I promise I won’t tell anyone that you took this quick break.) Clicky clicky clicky so you can lookie lookie lookie or, just watchie watchie:

TV is cooler than real life

Studio 60 Preview looks awesome! Slide over, Grey’s Anatomy. You’ve got some competition headin’ your way. Too bad there are four decent things on Thursdays at 9pm. Can’t The Powers That Be spread out the good shows a little? Sheesh.\
The CW video montage looks like a big pile of teen cheese. (And can you believe they renewed 7th Heaven? What was with the big finale commercials I saw for a month?) Those 7th Heaven clips really don’t belong in there. But neither does Veronica Mars, which is actually a great show, nor Supernatural, which is just the right kind of awesome cheese (unlike One Tree Hill and Smallville). Honestly though, I think The CW will be the network I watch the most. Good thing I am not lactose intolerant! Hee. (I bet Kevin regrets ever deciding to work late those many years ago, which is when I discovered Dawson’s Creek on The WB.)\
Seeing The CW come together has been kind of interesting. I wonder how things will shake out this next year.