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  • Obvious much?

    HA:\ Les Moonves actually called Dawn Ostroff yesterday and asked “why the upswing on Veronica [Mars]?”\ She said, “Well, we did give it a bunch more promotion.”

  • Veronica Mars

    Veronica Mars scored its second highest ratings ever with last night’s mystery finale. YAY! For those who missed the beginning of the arc, or those who are just now deciding to watch the awesomeness that is Veronica Mars, the season opener is being shown next week (Tuesdays, The CW at 9pm EST). I think most […]

  • Dick rocks!

    Kevin finally watched Veronica Mars last night so I can post all of my favorite lines and points, but eh, it’s so three days ago and I just don’t have the energy. Kevin laughed so loud at some parts, I am sure the kids way upstairs could hear him.\ I still loved all of Dick’s […]

  • Yea, baby!

    I am totally in love with Dick.\ Who’s with me?\ Other Veronica Mars thoughts:\ This ep had the look and feel of season one. Very dark, literally, which is awesome. And Veronica was back to pissing people off, alienating herself as she investigates. Super yay to that. The show needs to keep up this angle. […]

  • VM conference

    Someone cooler than me posted a recap of the Veronica Mars conference I participated in. Brownie points and bragging rights for the first person to identify my question!\ Here is a quote from Rob: The first episode is Veronica Mars for beginners. The case is pretty straight ahead and used to largely introduce us to […]

  • Veronica Mars is Back!

    I watched the premiere early, and now you can too: Veronica Mars 3.1!

  • My Ode to Rob Thomas

    I love Rob Thomas. Not the guy from Matchbox Twenty. I am talking about the creator of Veronica Mars. He is funny, down-to-earth, and so frakkin’ accessible to his fans, that I want to smoosh him.\ Ok, this was a small ode, but very heartfelt.\ Remember when I complained about being off of the cool […]

  • Not Another Teen Show

    Kevin edited the actual Veronica Mars promo into my post below to make it even easier and more tempting for you to watch. Isn’t he fabulous? What a nice husband.\ And now that you’ve all seen the promo, and I know you all have, you can believe me when I say: THIS ISN’T A MELODRAMATIC […]

  • Veronica Mars

    Yes, it’s that time again. Time to start pimping the awesomely awesome Veronica Mars. Here is the great promo that was shown at Comic Con a few weeks ago. It really shows what the episodes are like, unlike most commercials made by Evil Promo Bastards. (You can spare a minute, right? It’s not like you’re […]

  • TV is cooler than real life

    Studio 60 Preview looks awesome! Slide over, Grey’s Anatomy. You’ve got some competition headin’ your way. Too bad there are four decent things on Thursdays at 9pm. Can’t The Powers That Be spread out the good shows a little? Sheesh.\ The CW video montage looks like a big pile of teen cheese. (And can you […]