Jen’s Ode To Veronica Mars

Blogging note– I begged, pleaded, and promised Kevin sex if he would let me post this here. And what do you know, he agreed. So, Jen, not Kevin, writes this.\
A love letter to Veronica Mars and a plea for you to watch it. Reruns of Veronica Mars will be airing starting in mid-June on UPN. I know, UPN, insert joke here. Seriously though, Veronica Mars is without a doubt the best-written and well-acted show in the last ten years.\
Veronica is a former-popular-cheerleader-turned-outcast trying to solve her best friends murder. It is a season long mystery that gives a little all along the way. I beg you, if you watch, stay away from spoilers and forums on the internet. You dont want to be spoiled about the mysteries. I was positive I knew who had done it and positive I knew who hadnt done it. Of course, I was wrong. The best part, the mysteries (there are about 5 big ones) are wrapped up by the end of the finale. It is obvious the storylines were planned before the season started, unlike some shows that make it up as they go. Because the summer season is shorter than the regular season, some of the episodes are going to be skipped. I suggest you check out the Couch Barons recaps at Television Without Pity for the episodes that are being skipped.

  • The writing:
    • Written by smart people, for smart people.
    • Nice combination of over the top (“you got a trophy for a rim job?” Yes that aired on network tv) and subtle (no example, I dont want you to be spoiled.)
    • Continuity heaven (too many examples to list, watch for them yourself.)
  • The music selection is top-notch too. It deserves its own section, but I am not gonna. Just know that it is wonderful.
  • The cast:
    • Acting is the best all around.
    • Chemistry to spare! (Check out Lamb, Logan, and Weevil in particular. Just for the record, I want to punch Lamb in the face every time I see him.)
    • Kristen Bell (Veronica) is a super star in the making.
    • Jason Dohring (Logan) absolutely deserves an Emmy.
    • Harry Hamlin (Aaron) is wonderful! Who thought they would read that ever? Every single scene he delivers the goods, baby.
    • Teddy Dunn (Duncan) has been getting a bad rap. Watch the season, then watch it again. He probably has the hardest part in the show.
    • Percy Daggs (Wallace) was strained in the beginning, but finally settled into a groove about midway through the season.
  • The extras are nice to watch also, especially in the later episodes. It is obvious they are the stars of their own life, not just backdrop. Props to whoever is in charge of them\
    While the show isn’t perfect, it is the best thing on. It took until the latter part of the season for it to become appointment television for me. So, watch it, give it some time, and then come to love it.