Sweet Talk

Remember when I said UPN could kiss my ass? Well apparently that is just the kind of sweet talk they like (I should have known they liked it dirty and rough, they are UPN after all), as I was invited to be on the cool kids list too! YAY! Who knew complaining could be so effective?\
Here is the latest press release:\
VERONICA MARS Viewing Party\
UPN is offering its dedicated Veronica Mars bloggers a great opportunity to have your 15-seconds of fame! Every week, get a group of friends together for a Veronica Mars viewing party and shoot some video of your event. The tape can include anything you want: sound bites of your friends talking about their favorite characters, you saying why you love Veronica Mars, or a group shout-out to your friends and family in your hometown. But keep it clean, because your tape could end up airing on UPN during an episode of Veronica Mars!
If anyone out there is interested, leave me a comment and I can get you the details and UPN’s contact info!\
And guess what? Veronica Mars is on tonight at 9pm EST on UPN! YAY!

Hump Day!

Today is the day that comes closest to a day off for me: Babba Day! After school, Max will go hang out with his grandma leaving Brian and me to do whatever we want. YAY! I even get to take a nap without any guilt! Wahoo! (In reality, I usually end up accidentally crashing on the couch every afternoon when Max and I watch Myth Busters.)\
Kevin has the one working car today, so Brian and I are going to hang out in comfy pants ALL DAY! I am not even going to put a bra on! But I have laundry to do and a kitchen to clean. Plus Brian has a cold and is extra cranky, so today won’t be total fun. But like I said, it is the closest I get to a day off, so YAY! And then tonight we are ordering Chinese food and will settle on the couch for an all new and exciting Veronica Mars (on UPN at 9pm EST)! So, double YAY!\
I must have been extra excited to start my day off because I woke up four times between 5 am and 6 am, when my alarm was set to go off. Isn’t that weird?


Hey, would ya look at that: all of my posts on this page are sans any mention of Veronica Mars! I’ll have to rectify that.\
The latest episode was The Rapes of Graff and Kristen Bell was phenomenal. I can’t believe you guys aren’t watching this show. There were two scenes in particular that blew me away: when she was talking to the rape victim (it helps to know some of Veronica’s own back story) and when she was talking to a woman who worked in a wig shop. The end of that scene was priceless!

Arrested Development Love

Michael Cera and Alia Shawkat, who played George Michael and Maeby Fünke on Arrested Development, are going to be in TONIGHT’s episode of Veronica Mars. Woohoo! That’s Veronica Mars, Wednesday UPN at 9pm EST.\
Kevin and I gave season 1 of AD to his dad as a gift. I am not sure he got it, but it is a wicked funny show!\
ETA- Apparently, some jerk-off decided to play an April’s Fools Joke early and sent out a fake press release that VM was cancelled. THIS IS NOT TRUE, it has not been cancelled. The guy should have just prank-called the zoo like every other self-respecting April’s Foolser.

I just can’t stop

From an article in the Toronto Star, Joss Whedon about Veronica Mars:\
“I was on fire. We had just watched the last five episodes in one day and I was just freaking out,” he says, wild-eyed. “I understand Buffy fans better watching that show and so does my wife. There’s so much pain and there’s so much humour and the stories are so tight and the characters are so well-drawn and you just. Care. So. Much. And to have all of that in one package is so rare. I was a junkie. I just had to share how cool it was. And I’ve realized if you do that, people notice. It’s nice. Somebody else will go, `I just love Veronica Mars.'”\
“When people said they’re calling this the next Buffy, for once I actually thought it was a compliment.”

Joss Whedon is Veronica fan too!

I have gone on and on about Veronica Mars all summer, trying to get more people to watch it. Well, I am in some fabulous company because Joss Whedon loves it too. Here is an excerpt, in which he calls it the Best. Show. Ever:\
bq. Joss Luvs Veronica.\
bq. I just finished a crazed Veronica Marsathon, and I can no longer restrain myself. Best. Show. Ever. Seriously, I’ve never gotten more wrapped up in a show I wasn’t making, and maybe even more than those. Crazy crisp dialogue. Incredibly tight plotting. Big emotion, I mean BIG, and charsimatic actors and I was just DYING from the mystery and the relationships … laugh all you want, I had to share this. These guys know what they’re doing on a level that intimidates me.\
This is what I have been saying too! And this from the man who created Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel, and Firefly, and is a god to many. So this is high praise indeed.\
Don’t you want to watch Veronica Mars and see what all the talk is about? Now is the time to tune in to Veronica Mars. These last episodes set up everything to come and answer everything from before. Tune in Wednesdays at 9pm on UPN or check local listings for a weekend rereun.

I’m a pimp

I finished the latest Harry Potter book and am sad to say that I was disappointed. I have no qualms about any of the plot points, so this isn’t bitterness talking. It just seems that the book is 3/4 filler of back story without any action or moving the story forward. Kev said that it is a “fourth act” book. While I think all Potter fans should read it, don’t expect too much from it.\
In other news, CBS has agreed to air four episodes of Veronica Mars!

  • Friday, July 29th (8:00pm to 10:00pm, two episodes)
  • Friday, August 5th (8:00pm, one episode)
  • Friday, August 12th (8:00pm, one episode)\
    (Normally the show is on UPN on Wednesdays at 9pm and rerun on the weekends)\
    Check it out!


There has been a lot of talk lately about Scientology. Most of that is probably to do with Tom Cruise talking nonstop about it. Then of course the media had to make it an even bigger story by talking nonstop about Tom Cruise talking nonstop about it. What I don’t get is what is the big deal? The teachings of Scientology are a little odd, but frankly aren’t all religions? I don’t want anyone to start bashing Scientology, but I seriously don’t get why people are freaked out by it. Tom Cruise most definitely shouldn’t have called out Brooke Shields by name, in my opinion, but if he is against something like mood altering drugs, I have no problem with him speaking out. (And I am on some.) Other religions don’t belive in blood transfusions and some don’t believe in partaking in modern medicine at all. I know they are secretive about things, but again, so are many other religions. Is this “freak out” just because this is a 20th C religion? A lot of people call it a cult. Why is that? Again, wouldn’t most religions be considered cults then? So, if any of you know why the media is making such a big deal about this, I would love to hear it.\
P.S.- Watch Veronica Mars on Wednesdays at 9pm on UPN.

Another Veronica Mars Spiel

Another Veronica Mars spiel – watch it Wed at 9pm on UPN\
I finally got Kevin to watch the first five episodes of “Veronica Mars” and he admitted he really liked it and “it wasn’t what [he] thought it would be.” While the show is set in high school, it is not a high school show. It is definitely an adult show. (I don’t mean an “Oz” or “Sex and the City” type adult show). I mean that the show is not a teen soap opera.\
Tonight’s episode is #6 “Return of the Kane.” Prepare to be amazed by Harry Hamlin, Jason Dohring, and the ofttimes subtle writing. Again, for new viewers check out the recaps at Television Without Pity for the skipped episodes only (you don’t want to be spoiled.) Also UPN is rerunning the episode during the weekend, so check your local listings if you are a Wednesday night partier and can’t make it home in time to watch Veronica Mars.

Watch Veronica Mars

Tomorrow night, Tuesday, June 14, on UPN the Veronica Mars pilot you have all been waiting for – check it out!! Set your TIVOs, DVRs, VCRs, or just mark it on the calendar. It is a great show, one not to be missed.\
The following night, Wednesday, June 15, UPN will air another episode. Wheeeeeeeee. Enjoy the ride, folks!