Yippee-Skippy, Howdee da Doooo!

Veronica Mars was renewed for season 3! Let’s do the dance of happy, happy, joy, joy:\
It’s just a jump to the left\
And then a step to the right\
With your hands on your hips\
You bring your knees in tight\
But it’s the pelvic thrust that really drives you insane,\
Let’s do the renew dance again!\
If you people don’t start watching though… Well, then you’re all dead to me. Especially you young, hip, cool ones in the targeted demographic!

Weekend Update

Max had another soccer game on Saturday. He has so much fun there, I have to recommend it to all parents of young children. It is so much more interactive and physically demanding than tee-ball or little league. (It’s practically non-stop running for an hour, instead of standing around waiting to bat or for someone to hit the ball your way.) It’s kind of hard to watch though, because he tends to stop paying attention. Which is fine since he is only 6, except I want him to pay attention and get better. But I don’t want to be one of those overzealous parents you hear so much about. In practice all of the boys seem to be getting better at the basic skills, but come game time, they just kind of do a “Lord of the Dance” imitation when they get near the ball. If the teams kept score, you’d note that they are relatively high-scoring though because 1) we don’t use goalies and 2) once a kid makes a good kick, he can usually follow it through to the goal because there is almost no defense on the field.\
Yesterday was the first day in nearly a week that I didn’t have a horrible headache plaguing me all day. Also, Kevin only worked 11 hours. Coincidence? I think not.\
Tonight is the series finale of 7th Heaven. Sniff. Let’s all take a moment to reflect on this horribly written and horribly acted show. The fans will miss the many non-interesting story lines filled with hypocrisy, manipulation, backstabbing, and outright lying. I guess they’ll just have to pay more attention to the Bush Administration to get their fill from now on.\
In Brian news, he has been wearing only one sandal for almost 2 hours. I don’t know why.\
Kevin told me he gets teased by coworkers about my numerous Veronica Mars posts. Hmm, I guess this means I shouldn’t post my thoughts on under-wire bras.

TV rec

The Supernatural finale last night was so awesome! It had everything a great finale should: angsty confrontations, emotional realizations, demon-y exposition. Dean’s raw rage was so palpable it was scary. “I LIED!” Eeeep. That freaked me out, and he is the good guy.\
The TVGuide.com reviewer agrees with me. YAY! For some reason, I get immense pleasure in being validated by professional critics. I am not sure why that is. Probably because I wasn’t allowed to watch The Three Stooges as a kid.\
Last year, I revealed the wonderful pleasures of Veronica Mars to you. This year, I give you Supernatural. Go forth and enjoy, my little kiddies. (It is on The WB/ new network CW.)\
Speaking of tv, how much do I love that Starbucks and the like are taking down the Mob? So much! Hee.\
ETA- Someone just emailed me that they watched the Supernatural finale after I mentioned it and THEY LIKED IT! Yay for my first convert.

99 cents is the price of love

Apple Computer will continue to charge only \$0.99 for music through iTunes.\
YAY! I love iTunes. Since I have discovered it, I have gone from spending \$15 once a year for an entire CD to spending \$60 (or more, hee) a year for only my favorite songs. While my spending has increased four-fold, my enjoyment has increased 100-fold.\
Awhile ago I downloaded Eminem’s “Lose Yourself.” I love this song, but I didn’t want to pay full price for the whole CD just for one song. And this is the beauty of iTunes. Just buy what you actually want to hear. In the last year, I also bought some Killers, Soft Cell, Ivy, Will Smith, Rick Springfield, Taxi Doll, and Fiona Apple. I am a total poser when it comes to music. I mean seriously- Eminem, Nitty, and Will Smith in my collection? But now I can be as poser-y as I want to be, for less than a dollar!\
I can also buy all of the songs played on my beloved Veronica Mars with ease. (Have I recently mentioned how awesome their music is? It is award-winning. Literally!) Lately I have really been enjoying the cheesy fantastic tv show Supernatural and the mullet rock that goes with it. Just yesterday I made a CD for the car, full of the most head-bangingiest classic rock around.\
So in closing, YAY for iTunes and its cheap prices! If you are an iTunes user, what are the last three songs that you bought?

He is crazy smart and I am just plain crazy

My head just exploded and I died, so I am posting this from the beyond. While the baby was playing with his cars on the floor, I was chatting online with a friend about the awesomeness that is Dick Casablancas. (He is a character from Veronica Mars, and if you didn’t already know that, shame on you.) And here is the head exploding part: while I was wasting time before dinner being completely trivial, my 6 year old son was figuring out the atomic mass for barium chloride. Thud. (That is me falling over after my head exploded.)

He laughed out loud too.

Kev finally caught up on the last few weeks of Veronica Mars episodes. (Yes folks, that is how hard and long he has been working, he couldn’t even watch the best show on tv.) He laughed so much, it was fun to re-watch it with him. He had different favorite lines than I did, but was still surprised they got a shocker reference in there again and a dirty Sanchez reference.\
I am going to visit my parents and help them unpack from their cross-country move, so you will be without my VM pimpings for awhile. (It’s sad, I know.) Hey, maybe I can get Kev to do a little pimping for me.\
Just remember: Watch Veronica Mars on Tuesdays at 9 pm on UPN. (Due to possible local affiliate pre-emptions for sports, be sure to check your local listings. The episodes are aired later the same night or on the weekends.) There are only 3 episodes left until the season finale. If you haven’t seen the show before, it isn’t too late to start. I still have no clue who the killer is, and I can’t wait to find out. I also don’t know what is going on with Beaver or his older brother, Dick. All this and the other mysteries will be solved by the finale. Check it out!

HA! So true.

From teeveepedia:\
Veronica Mars [snip] is perhaps best known as the only television series known to make Joss Whedon and Bruce Tinsley squeal like a sixteen-year-old girls at a Beatles concert.\
Scientists have classified Veronica Mars fans as the second most-annoying TV fans on the planet, after the Whedonites. Certain members of the TeeVeePedia staff vehemently protest this; then again, they also secretly long to be Mr. Kristen Bell.
I would say I am sorry for being so annoying, but that would be a lie. And I will never lie to you, lovely internet-people-whom-I-don’t-actually-know.

The Truth

As well-written and acted Veronica Mars is, I have to say that I watch it not for its production value but because it is really entertaining. Veronica trying to do the shocker and Weevil correcting her was just plain funny, even if it was a bit “meta.” And did they actually reference Dirty Sanchez? Whoa. Lamb’s snarky, “Well, bonus points for bringing the perp along” also gets a big HEE from me!