TV rec

The Supernatural finale last night was so awesome! It had everything a great finale should: angsty confrontations, emotional realizations, demon-y exposition. Dean’s raw rage was so palpable it was scary. “I LIED!” Eeeep. That freaked me out, and he is the good guy.\
The reviewer agrees with me. YAY! For some reason, I get immense pleasure in being validated by professional critics. I am not sure why that is. Probably because I wasn’t allowed to watch The Three Stooges as a kid.\
Last year, I revealed the wonderful pleasures of Veronica Mars to you. This year, I give you Supernatural. Go forth and enjoy, my little kiddies. (It is on The WB/ new network CW.)\
Speaking of tv, how much do I love that Starbucks and the like are taking down the Mob? So much! Hee.\
ETA- Someone just emailed me that they watched the Supernatural finale after I mentioned it and THEY LIKED IT! Yay for my first convert.

By Kevin Lawver

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