VM conference

Someone cooler than me posted
a recap of the Veronica
Mars conference I participated in
. Brownie points and bragging
rights for the first person to identify my question!\
Here is a quote from Rob: The first episode is Veronica Mars for
beginners. The case is pretty straight ahead and used to largely
introduce us to the new characters. I’ve tried to really front
load the episodes with fun breezy banter, that would play nicely with
the Gilmore Girls audience, sort of inviting them into the show. It
starts feeling more like our show in the final five minutes. The second
episode which ranks with some of our best ever, is Veronica Mars at its
See, he made it easy for you guys to catch up with Veronica Mars. And
the episode does a great job of introducing characters to the new
audience without long expositions. Thumbs up for Rob on that aspect.

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