The Perfect Milkshake

Jen decided that we needed pizza and milkshakes for dinner tonight. Since I’d recently scored a sweet blender from Woot! and we had lots of ice cream in the house… we were all set. They turned out so well, I thought I’d share the process (since milkshakes are kind of hard to get “right” at home… and I’ve tried).
Makes three awesome servings.
h4. Ingredients
* 1 gallon half gallon (or whatever their round regular container holds) of Edy’s (or Dreyer’s, or any other creamy ice cream – Breyer’s probably wouldn’t work because it’s too icey) Cookies and Cream ice cream.
* 3 cups of milk
* 3 small bags of Mini Oreos
* Some chocolate syrup.
* 3 straws
* Whipped Cream
h4. Directions
# Pour the three bags of oreos in the blender and pulse on the chop setting until they’re broken up.
# Add about half of the ice cream into the blender.
# Pour in one cup of the milk.
# Liberally apply chocolate syrup (if you like that sort of thing).
# Pulse in 3 second bursts on the highest setting, about 10-12 bursts.
# This should give you a really think mess of wonderful, and it should have brought the ice cream down to a level where you can add the rest of the ice cream (whatever will fit and still give you enough room to add the rest of the milk).
# Pulse again in 3 second bursts until the rest of the ice cream and milk are incorporated – should take about 10-12 hits.
# Split it up among three cups, stick a straw in it, and douse it liberally with whipped cream.
# Enjoy
I have never heard such happy noises from my family. We even let Brian have a little bit and he cried when it was all gone. It was awesome. It is the only milkshake that has made me want to cry. I think I might have actually shed a tear when it was all gone.
Oh, and the measurements are all approximate. I don’t measure stuff… sorry if I guessed wrong, but you’ll still get a milkshake out it, so how bad can it be?
Tomorrow night, mint chocolate chip.

6 thoughts on “The Perfect Milkshake

  1. Okay, I have to say something as an almost doctor. Anything with a gallon of ice cream and a three bags of cookies should yield WAY more than three servings. That is to say, three of you should not eat that much ice cream in one setting, especially since I know for a fact that one of those three people is under the age of 10.

  2. Oops. It’s not really a gallon (it’s a half-gallon). But still, point taken. I had no idea how much air was in ice cream before. Putting it into a milkshake takes it right out. And Max couldn’t finish his. So, we’re not that bad (I think).

  3. Just FYI – Edy’s and Dreyer’s are apparently the same brand. I think it’s like the whole “Hellman’s Mayo east of the Rockies/Best Mayo west of the Rockies” thing.

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