Ubuntu Is Snazzy

Since I don’t have the mental capacity at the moment to concentrate on anything for more than fifteen minutes, I decided to try out Ubuntu, a “linux for the rest of us” distro that actually lives up to the hype. Install was insanely easy, even though it did take too much of the hard drive for itself (which was easily fixed with Partition Magic). The install was quick as OS installs go, the bootloader found everything it was supposed to and the usually problematic things weren’t. You know, the usual:

  • wireless
  • video adapter/monitor/refresh settings
  • mouse
  • sound\
    Nope, none of those were a problem at all. It’s been awhile since I’ve used a linux distro for more than command line stuff (X on my Fedora box doesn’t even work anymore – stupid NVIDIA card) and running webservers. I’ve missed a lot of new stuff!\
    For example, I’m posting this using Drivel, a journal client for GNOME. It’s simple, but it works (so far).\
    I tried using Blam!, but it exploded with the 330 feeds in my blogroll. maybe I should have started smaller.\
    Overall, Ubuntu feels like the perfect linux distro for folks who’ve always wanted to try linux but were too afraid to try. So far everything just works, and the install couldn’t be easier. So, don’t chicken out, get up with Ubuntu right now. Really.
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By Kevin Lawver

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  1. michaelbrown says:

    You’re right, it is awesome! The only problem I’ve encountered is my USB mouse kills the wireless connection. (?!) As long as I use a serial mouse, no problem. But my nice new Logitech USB mouse disables it. But it’s a known issue: apparently, I need the rt2570 driver instead of the rt2500 driver. A small price to pay for a terrific Linux desktop. Thanks again!

  2. michaelbrown says:

    Actually, I meant to say PS2 mouse, not serial mouse. Does anybody still use a serial mouse besides the little green men who live inside my head?

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