iPod Virgin

I’ve come into some “free money” and I’ve decided to blow it on a sexy black video iPod. Oh, dear internet, what accessories should I get? How should I protect my new toy? What should I definitely NOT get?\
Thank you and good night.\
UPDATE: My iPod shipped this morning less than 18 hours after I ordered it! Come on, you sexy beast, come on!!

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By Kevin Lawver

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  1. Have fun with that. I am hoping to get one soon. Should have let me know, I got that buddy at apple. Nice discount. 😉

  2. These look kinda cool, either the hard case or the Skin Tight…
    I came across your MT on OSX post and then followed links to this post and recalled that I had seen these 2 days ago. I think they look good. The one advantage to the hard case, other than keeping whatever base color your iPod is, is that it more than likely slides into a pocket more easily than one of the silicone skins. That was an annoyance for me when I had one.

  3. Here’s something to think about – how are you going to listen to your iPod while driving? Seems like an obvious question, but when I got a new SUV over the summer, I suddenly found myself with a problem, because the new truck didn’t have a cassette deck in it.
    If you’ve got a cassette deck, you can pretty much use any cassette adapter, although the Griffin SmartDeck will provide some control over the iPod through the head unit’s controls. If you have to use FM modulation, look at the new (bottom mounting) iTrip with the LCD display. I have one of the old-school iTrips, and while the sound quality was good, the old method for tuning the iTrip nearly sent me careening off I-35 on my way down to Austin in March. The new iTrips are much improved.

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