Bad Mommy, proof # 6294

Everyday I have to wait at the bus stop for my kid, or the driver won’t let him off the bus (it is a kindergartener rule). Today, I was engrossed in Beauty and the Geek I had on tivo and missed leaving at my usual time. When I realized I was late, I fled out the door, barefoot, in my pj pants, the shirt I had slept in and a black sweater (with no bra on) and ran down to the stop. FYI- cold, uneven concrete hurts. I missed what the clock said so I didn’t really know what time it is. I didn’t know if I actually missed him. (I am usually really early and stand around for 10 minutes.) I also didn’t know if the bus would come back around again one more time before taking him back to school. I didn’t have a phone with me, so I couldn’t call the school and I was afraid to back and get the phone in case I missed the bus during this time. So, I was barefoot, dressed oddly, standing on the corner, in the winter and I got lots of strange looks. After awhile, I decided to chance heading back for my phone, constantly looking over my shoulder for the bus. I ran inside and grabbed the school’s phone number, my shoes, my phone, and my cellphone and ran back half way to the bus stop. My cellphone was dead, but luckily my real phone still worked at this distance. I called the school and the nice office lady told me the bus driver was bringing my son back to school. What, no second drive by? Come on! So, I thanked her and went back home. I had to change the baby and change my pants, put on some shoes (I forgot about a clean shirt and a bra) and off I went to claim my son. And then we went to Friendly’s.\
There were extenuating circumstances though. Brian woke up 2 hours later than normal, and it threw off my internal timeline. Since we hadn’t had snack and he hadn’t gotten cranky yet, I forgot to look at the clock.

By Kevin Lawver

Web developer, Software Engineer @ Gusto, Co-founder @ TechSAV, husband, father, aspiring social capitalist and troublemaker.

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  1. I can beat that. One of mom’s at school told me that the police came to her house on Saturday. She has two boys 3 and 5. They decided it was so nice they can run around naked. They have a big yard visible from the main road. She had brought them in twice and dressed them but they kept stripping. So apparently somone called the cops thinking it was too cold for them to be outside naked. See you forgot your kid at the bus stop but the police didn’t come for you….yet.

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