Little Steps On A Little Leg

I went to see Dr. Ankle
yesterday, and he says to me after playing with my foot, “Yep,
everything’s still intact, that’s good.” Yeah, I made a face.\
I’m allowed to wear normal shoes for a grand total of 15-30 minutes a
day and have four more weeks of physical therapy. I see Dr. Ankle in six
weeks and he says by then, I should be walking full-time in regular
shoes, but should keep the Velcro Terror around “just in case”.\
I had to walk out of there and try to find the silver lining. I’d built
yesterday up to be the day I went back to being “normal”. Yes, it was
unrealistic because my right calf is still about the size of my forearm,
but it was there. I thought that was the end of having to wear shorts
even though it’s 30 degrees outside (jeans and other long pants rip the
velcro straps right off), the end of wearing it all day every day no
matter what I’m doing or where I’m walking.

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