Watch TV All The Time

No, really, I have a job and don’t watch TV all the time, but there
are a few shows that are on too often that I wish I could spend more
time watching. Some of these I’m sure you know, but there’s a new one in

  • The Daily Show: They’ve been on a roll the past couple months,
    and I feel bad when I miss an episode. But, four days a week is just
    too much for me to keep up with.
  • The Colbert Report: I’ve watched The Daily Show since the
    very beginning (you know, the Kilborn days), and I love it. But, I
    think Stephen Colbert’s show may be winning my heart. It’s the
    funniest thing on TV, and Stephen Colbert pulls off “arrogant
    jackass” better than the people he’s parodying. It’s perfect satire
    in a time when we sorely need it.
  • Pardon The Interruption: It’s on five times a week, which is
    way way too much. I love the banter between Tony and Mike, and I
    can’t help it but Tony’s bad jokes make me giggle. It’s a great way
    to catch up on sports without having to sit through the whole 90
    minutes of SportsCenter (and there’s rarely anything about NASCAR or
    hockey, which makes me happy).
  • Brainiac: This is the new one. I just noticed it on G4 this
    weekend, and it’s hilarious. Think Top Gear for the Mr. Wizard
    crowd. It’s hosted by Top Gear‘s Richard Hammond, and it’s funny
    in a ridiculous British way. It’s got zany experiments and hot
    barely clothed British chicks playing with explosives. What’s not to
    So, set your TiVo and prepare to waste a lot of time. I know I have.

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