Not so scandalous really

Big Love was really sad I thought. More than I was expecting, even though I knew it was about a dysfunctional family (cuz it is on HBO afterall). Like how Barb couldn’t even go comfort her husband of 17 years, for fear of stirring up jealousy. Eh, that’s rough.\
My biggest question is how/why do they refer to themselves as “sealed for eternity” when they aren’t going to any church? (They aren’t just inactive, they actively left their old church.) That is a religious ceremony that requires actually participating in church throughout this life to recieve its benefits in the next life. Oh, and Marj was wearing a sleeveless shirt? I don’t think so! Ha. I am so going to end up being one of those annoying military or doctor guys who can’t watch a show about the military or medicine because they keep nitpicking about the errors.\
I feel much empathy for Marj’s character. Taking care of babies is hard. But Barb and Nicky have much older children and it is really unfair to Marj that she compares herself to them at this time (but totally natural at the same time). They were probably both overwhelmed and tired when their kids were that little too. But since Marj is in the middle of the muck, she can’t think straight. In a few years, she’ll realize it and feel better about herself. Maybe just in time to help the 4th wife, heh.\
I am looking forward to having more of the backstory filled in, like why did Bill and Nicky get married if Barb and Nicky didn’t get along? I wonder how they bought all three houses- did they just overpay for the neighboring houses to entice the owners to sell?\
It irritates me that Bill is driving a new and expensive SUV all while complaining about money issues. Get a cheap, old Ford, dumbhead!\
I can’t comment on the impotence issue, because I have no personal experience with that. Nor have I personally dealt with the extreme off-shoots of the church. But I still maintain that any type of marriage between consenting adults should be legal (except for relatives, because of the likelihood of genetic problems with their offspring,). It is the welfare fraud, sexual, and physical abuse that should be eradicated, not the constitutionally guaranteed freedoms.\
So, what did you guys think?

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